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Stranded International is a hair extension store and wholesaler founded by Gary Howe in 2007.

Stocking luxury beauty products and hair extensions / pieces for Caucasian hair, Gary realised that he had found a gap in the market with the specialities of his business and soon moved from his humble shopping centre kiosk into the main fashion district in Manchester.

Here, the six-member team of Stranded International set themselves up with a small stall – and business truly took off, taking them from 1 or 2 stockists, to over 500 in just five years. As well as their growth in distributors, the business also earned itself a loyal following of stylists, bloggers and celebrity clients.

To take Stranded International to the next level, Gary wanted to expand into Europe; accessing a larger, more varied pool of consumers. But this growth would take a considerable amount of investment and research to complete.

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“Last year, we began looking into our international expansion. But we knew that the upcoming Christmas orders would eat into our cash and leave none left for research and planning,” says Gary.

And so, on the hunt for some additional business finance, he spoke to his card terminal provider Sage Pay to see how they could help support his expansion. He found that through Sage Pay Business Finance, he would be able to access the funding he needed at a repayment rate tailored specifically to his business.

“When I spoke with Sage Pay Business Finance, the level of funding was discussed clearly and directly, so it felt a lot more personal. Their Business Cash Advance sounded very flexible too. And it all happened there and then over the phone, so I didn’t have to go off and make decisions.”

The Business Cash Advance is a more innovative way for Gary to finance his business; with funding based on his average monthly credit and debit transactions, and repayments taken as a fixed percentage – agreed upon upfront – of his daily customer card takings.

“We hardly feel the repayments really,” says Gary. “It just happens in the background. Even during our slightly quieter period from November to March. The repayments don’t do anything drastic to the business.”

With the additional support, Stranded International now has the resources to appear at several trade shows over the next few months to conduct research into their expansion. They will also be continuing to build their brand with the launch of a new website.

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